Friday, April 17, 2009

Free download Street Fighter IV Championship Mode

Make the grade this April 24th with Championship Mode's tournament matches

In case Street Fighter IV's multiplayer isn't already honing your competitive edge, you'll be pleased to know that the new Championship Mode update for the brawler remains on track for an April 24th release online. Championship Mode brings tournament matches to SFIV, allowing players to earn Grade Points (GP) and Championship Points (CP) to rank in 5 different grades of tournaments covering all skill levels. The grading system for matches will work as follows:

  • SG Championship (SUPER GRADE): 5 rounds long. The highest grade championship in which only top players can participate.
  • G1 Championship (GRADE 1):5 rounds long, for advanced players
  • G2 Championship (GRADE 2): 4 rounds long, for intermediate players
  • G3 Championship (GRADE 3) 3 rounds long, for beginners
  • FREE Championship (Free Grade): 4 rounds long, open to anyone regardless of their level.
The more GP you earn by winning tournament matches, the more exclusive tournaments you can enter. This in turn gives you a shot at earning even more CP, which are essentially the "Gamerscores" for SFIV players. According to Capcom, players don't typically lose GP even during first-round losses except at the highest levels of tourney play, as the system was designed to reward participation first and foremost.

Championship Mode even saves replays of matches, which the top 5000 CP leaders can upload for sharing. There are exclusive replay features for each console platform:

  • On PS3, viewers can watch your replay and vote in real time according to characteristics like "beautiful" or "funny." For the nerds, you can vote once every 30 frames (that’s 2x a second!), although there is a cap to avoid total vote spamming. Replays will be ranked according to the user-submitted reviews, making it easy to find the flavor of replays you want to see.
  • On X360, you can’t vote on the matches, but you can watch and then save a number of your favorites. While watching your saved matches, you’ll also have the option to turn on input commands (just like the Training Mode option), so you can see the gritty details of exactly what button and joystick inputs the top players are using to win.

Street Fighter IV's Championship Mode will remain a free download for both PS3 and Xbox 360 owners of the game, which is certainly the good news Capcom needs after all the stink which surrounded Resident Evil 5's controversial Versus mode DLC.


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