Tuesday, August 10, 2010

QinetiQ North America to maintain SPAWAR organization hub Atlantic

The U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare System Center Atlantic has awarded QinetiQ North America's Systems Engineering Group a five year agreement to make available a full variety of preparation expansion and liberation overhauls to the Tactical C2 Engineering Division in carry of its duties to afford data transport system training programs, systems and repairs to its government customers.

The company currently affords a full range of training examines to the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Joint communities through plans such as the Iraqi Flight School, Combat Operations Center, Blue Force Situational Awareness and the Deployed Joint Command and Control System.

"We are incredibly thrilled about this occasion to bear the Tactical C2 Engineering Division in its data transport training mission. We will influence our understanding and knowledge in mission listening carefully training solutions to supply top tier training examines and support," said Lloyd Biggs, Vice President, Training Division, QinetiQ North America.

QinetiQ North America will bear SSC-A in program, data and financial management; manpower, employees and training analysis; instructional system devise; curriculum maturity; interactive multimedia instruction; mobile grounding lessons; electrical and mechanical engineering; and arrangement administration.

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