Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flybe adding fuel surcharge

Regional airline Flybe is adding a £3 surcharge to bookings for flights departing from the autumn due to increasing fuel costs. The surcharge will apply for bookings made from today for flights departing on or after September 1, but added that the charge would be removed if the price of crude oil dropped below $75 per barrel for a period of 28 consecutive days.

The airline is set to maintain profit levels despite higher fuel costs and a fall in the number of UK leisure travellers in recent months. Flybe admitted that the UK market “remained challenging” with a 4.4 percentage point fall in load factors for the final three months of its financial year which ended in March.

Despite this fall, the airline increased the total number of seats flown by 4.5% to 2.6 million in the three-month period while revenue per seat went up by 2.2% to £46.14 compared to same quarter last year.

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