Friday, July 23, 2010

Optical Transport and Infrastructure Management Solutions demonstrated by MRV in Germany to military service

MRV Communication announced, it will contribute in seven military technology expos prearranged by National Conference Services throughout Germany between July 20 and July 30. MRV Communications, Inc. is a foremost provider of optical communication and IT infrastructure management solutions to overhaul providers and enterprises around the world.

Through this two-week tour, MRV will display case its Fiber Driver and Lambda Driver optical transport systems, which distribute the flexible optical networking with the recital and scalability needed to build high speed safe and sound backbone networks to meet the demands of today's military organizations. The company will also showcase its LX Series out-of-band network management solution for secure remote service port access and remote power control of devices in a military organization's networks and infrastructures.

MRV's optical network solutions are planned to exploit the scale of the network and make available a true "any-protocol-over-fiber" operating environment. The systems embrace copper and fiber edge demarcation platforms and wave division optical transport solutions. MRV's out-of-band solutions present secure IP intelligence for the command, control, and defense of operational support infrastructure, by providing real-time awareness and state change event notification. They have also been used in military sensor management applications for both wet and dry contact alarms and sensors.

"MRV provides a wide range of technologies for today's military organizations, together with the Fiber Driver, Lambda Driver and LX Series, which provide the flexibility to easily scale networks as well as act in response to network issues in a timely manner," said Dilip Singh, chief executive officer of MRV.."

MRV's Fiber Driver optical multi overhaul product line provides a full range services demarcation, media conversion, signal repeating and fiber-optimization solutions, counting coarse and dense WDM capabilities.

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