Friday, February 18, 2011

Delta Fined $2M For Violating Travel Rules For Disabled

The U.S. Department of Transportation levied a $2 million civil penalty against Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL) for allegedly violating policy protecting air travelers with disabilities.

According to the agency, an investigation found "many violations of the requirement to provide assistance getting on and off the airplane." The airline carrier's complaint records also showed that it frequently "did not provide an adequate written response to disability complaints from passengers."

The Aviation Enforcement Office also found that Delta--the second biggest U.S. airline by revenue failed to properly report each disability complaint in reports filed with the department.

Of the $2 million penalty, $750,000 must be paid by the carrier and up to $1.25 million may be used to develop its service to passengers with disabilities beyond what is required by law. It is the largest civil penalty ever assessed against an airline by the Department of Transportation in a non-safety-related case.

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