Sunday, April 24, 2011

JetBlue to add fast-track security option

JetBlue plans to add a "fast-track" security option that will give top-fare customers access to elite security lanes at airports where such an option exists. To lure more travelers to buy the airline's "Even More Legroom" seats, JetBlue said Thursday it will offer a fast-track security option for those who buy the roomier seats. That benefit, which will let passengers jump to the front of the security line at certain airports, will begin in a few months. Other airlines including American and United Continental offer similar incentives for first and business class passengers and some coach passengers who pay extra. JetBlue doesn't have first or business class.

Southwest, the largest low-cost carrier in the U.S., also offer a similar options. Customers who by its most-expensive "Business Select" fares get access to priority security lanes at airports where they exist.As for JetBlue, its move comes as it -- like other airlines -- tries to increase the amount of revenue it extracts from each of its passengers. Such "ancillary" fees can add as much as $20 or more to the amount an airline collects from passengers above the fares they paid to board the flight.

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