Friday, October 22, 2010

British Airways to restore travel perk to striking cabin crew

In a main concession to its cabin crew, British Airways (BA) has announced that it will restore basic travel concessions to those who went on strike earlier this year.

From Tuesday (26 October) staff will regain the generous perk - as much as 90 per cent off certain fares.

However, confusion remains over who will receive the perk. According to a report on the BBC website, striking cabin crew went "to the back of the queue for travel perks". The restoration of seniority will be conditional upon a worker's "excellent behaviour for the next three years".

Travel concessions have been at the heart of the long-running dispute between the unions and administration. Willie Walsh, BA's Chief Executive, had said previously that he would not reinstate the perk. This move is being greeted by the unions as a softening of management resolve.

This dispute started in November 2009 over staffing levels and working situation. Since March there have been 22 days of strike action, which cost the airline £150m and widespread disruption to passengers' travel plans.

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